About us

Our values

Ambition & willingess
to make an impact

We strive to use our unique science to discover new therapeutic molecules to improve patients lives.

Curiosity &

We are genuinely interested in working with people from diverse backgrounds. That's how together, we'll invent the best molecules.

Progression &

We challenge and solicit feedback from each other to constantly improve.

Scientific approach
& rigor

We maintain high scientific standards in all our projects and research.


Aqemia was founded by Maximilien Levesque and Emmanuelle Martiano with the aim of disrupting the drug discovery industry, by leveraging proprietary algorithms developed by Maximilien to quickly and accurately predict the affinity between drug candidates and therapeutic targets. This technology is the product of 8 years of academic research that he conducted at the École normale supérieure - PSL on a quantum and statistical mechanics theory to calculate free energies.

CEO & co-founder
Maximilien Levesque
Blog Author

I spent 9 years as a researcher in quantum / statistical physics and AI at the École normale supérieure - PSL, CEA Saclay (PhD in 2010), Cambridge, Oxford and CNRS. I am the inventor of Aqemia's core technology.

COO & co-founder
Emmanuelle Martiano
Blog Author

I spent 9 years at strategy consulting firm BCG, leading projects for corporate leaders in the pharma industry and in B2B software. I graduated from the École Centrale Supélec and Imperial College of London.

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