Data Engineer

About Aqemia

Aqemia is a next-generation pharmaceutical company generating one of the fastest drug discovery pipelines in the world. Our mission is to develop groundbreaking, fast-acting drug candidates for scores of severe diseases. What sets us apart is our proprietary quantum mechanical and statistical algorithms that power generative artificial intelligence to design new drug candidates.

The velocity and precision of our technology platform allows us to scale drug discovery projects as technology projects.

We’ve grown to a team of over 45 highly motivated and spirited individuals standing at the intersection of Chemistry, Machine Learning, Physics, and Software Engineering.

We are proud to announce that we've raised $12 million from leading VCs.

If this sounds exciting to you, come and join us!

Data Engineer

The difference you’ll make

The team's main objective: harness vast volumes of data coming from multiple scientific fields to identify new drug opportunities.

Our Data team:

  • designs, builds and runs our data stack processing large volumes of complex and heterogeneous data  (chemical, biological, medical and physical) from internal and external sources
  • models these wide, complex knowledges in innovative ways (e.g. in a knowledge graph)
  • extracts novel insights, encompassing chemistry and biology complexity, to steer our de novo drug discovery pipelines
  • assesses Aqemia’s core technology by confronting it against external data on numerous aspects and provides areas for improvement 

To deliver on this exciting goal, the data team is at the crossroads of the different teams within Aqemia, whether drug discovery or tech teams, and it leverages multiple expertises: 

  • data and software engineering 
  • strong understanding of drug design, chemistry and biology
  • data science

Job description

As a Data Engineer within the data team, you will contribute to deliver on the following goals:

  • Provide all Aqemia's teams with curated, reliable, easy-to-access data
  • Automate data ingestion, monitoring and versioning on large and diverse datasets

What You’ll Do

As a Data Engineer within the data team you will:

  • contribute to set up a robust and scalable architecture that processes large volumes of data from batch and real-time sources, both internal and external
  • prepare and make available large amounts of chemical and biological data
  • design and implement scalable data pipelines that feed into or from Aqemia core technology
  • develop the relevant tools to analyze, monitor and version Aqemia's data assets
  • design and implement ergonomic tools to query and visualize our data

Who You Are

You have strong technical abilities combined with a passion for delivering results. 

You have demonstrated the ability to set-up and manage large-scale data projects, identify requirements and tools, and build scalable, real-time data-warehousing solutions. 

You possess strong written and verbal communication skills and high intellectual curiosity with ability to learn new frameworks.

You are experienced in data warehousing management, data modeling, and data pipelines design. You are comfortable with SQL/noSQL databases management and cloud technologies. You have already developed visualization tools, you can understand users’ needs, and have strong skills in Python or other object-oriented programming languages.

Our Workplace Environment

  • Fast-paced, intellectually and scientifically demanding, results-driven.
  • Our Founders boast:

10+ years experience in research at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, not to mention a stint in Oxford and Cambridge.

10+ years experience in strategy consulting at BCG.

  • Aqemia has a rapidly growing team of +40 people from world-class institutions ( GSK, Sanofi, Cambridge, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Centrale, Mines Paris, EnsiMag, BCG)
  • Our premises are conveniently located in the heart of Paris (1 Bd Pasteur), with a possibility of up to 2 days of remote work.
  • Working language: English

Should you wish to apply for this position please send us your resume at

We are growing fast, if you feel that you don't fit this job description but you’re still excited to join, then please get in touch! 


Aqemia is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender perception or identity, national origin, age, marital status, disability status or any other basis under applicable law.