Discovering Drugs
with Deep Physics and AI

We are an in silico drug discovery company relying on unique quantum-inspired algorithms that predict affinity combined with AI to rapidly discover more innovative molecules with better chances of success.

Our science

We are a spin-off of the École normale supérieure - PSL, focused on in silico drug discovery. We combine AI and disruptive structure-based affinity algorithms, which are both accurate and 10,000x faster than competition, to generate lead-like molecules for a given target.

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We collaborate with innovative R&D pharmaceutical companies, biotechs & CROs and seek to build our own portfolio with dozens of internal projects. We focus on identifying or generating molecules of interest for a given project and do not sell our technology as software.

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About us

We are a team of passionate people at the crossroads of theoretical physics, medicinal chemistry and artificial intelligence.

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We are seeking highly skilled, motivated and curious individuals to develop our unique science to discover new therapeutic molecules!

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